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Writer by Nature

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Nature is loved by what is best in us. —Ralph Waldo Emerson

A Writer by Nature

Musings at the Intersection of Life, Nature & Spirit

Here you can read short reflections inspired by parks, preserves, or more likely, walks on my own property. I also offer both lovely and interesting images, as well as educational facts about the flora and fauna I encounter.

(I’ll probably sneak in a few  photos of my dog, Cyon, too) 

Come, take a walk with me in words & images

Sycamore Horizontal
Cedar Waxwing in Crabapple
Trees looking up-minnie pond
Just limbs-22
Dark tree against pines-minnie pond

A seasonal carousel of photos for your enjoyment.

Find more nature photos, facts & reflections and at my

Writer by Nature Facebook Page. 

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Twenty-one Poems Observed



Most of these poems were written upon inspiration at Prairie Pond Woods, a 27-acre property my husband and I owned in southern Ohio. There, I facilitated retreats for women from 2008 to 2016. A few other poems were written at local preserves or gardens. 

I never set out to write a poem. I only set out to take walks. The poetry comes when I am present, but lost, in nature. If I'm paying attention, a strong opening line or phrase interrupts my thoughts, seemingly out of nowhere. But they are not out of nowhere. I believe these inspirations are gifts from nature, sometimes from myself, but always from Spirit. 

"I hope you enjoy reading my poems as much as I did observing them."


Cindy K. Steffen


"Behold this poetry for the soul. Words of heart for anyone who has ever loved a person; for anyone who ever loved a piece of land."

Nancy Stranahan

Director , Arc of Appalachia Preserve

"Through her poems, Cindy demonstrates the value of slowing down, opening our eyes, and really seeing what we so often passover without noticing, especially the small, seemingly insignificant aspects of nature that we take for granted." 

Melissa Fischer -Artist at Melissa Fischer Art

"I enjoyed reading this poetry collection. the images are precisely honed, and he themes musically rendered."

David Wolf

Professor of English, Emeritus College

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Craig with book 3.jpg

During the last five years of Craig’s life, he was on a quest to find his biological family. While chasing this mystery, he kept a journal, which eventually became this book. He found some of his family (don’t want to give away who) but was only able to spend two years getting to know them, through phone conversations and a handful of visits, before his death.
If you have been touched by adoption in some way, I invite you to go with him on this incredible journey, as he sleuths his way through Iowa, Oregon, Texas, and his own curious and vulnerable heart.

A Family Apart
Sleuthing the Mysteries of
Abandonment, Adoption and DNA

This book is a fascinating ride into the methodical quest of an orphan to uncover the truth about his origins. Even more, this book delves into the questions that come from being uncertain about the realities of personal history - what is true and what is convenient folklore passing for truth in order to protect reputations or preserve innocence.


Craig A. Steffen's story, and the way he unravels it, is compelling from the start when he recounts his earliest memories of the orphanage where he spent two years after the disappearance of his mother who, as all would tell him for years, ran off with the family car never to be seen again. By the time the last pages are turned, Craig has taken you on a journey that includes sleuthing his true ancestry and learning of his sometimes tragic backstory -- but always with a redemptive thread running throughout.

© Cindy K Steffen  2023

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