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Sacred Absence

A Pilgrimage of Love, Loss & Grieving Well

“Perhaps for now it can be enough to simply marvel at the mystery of how a heart so broken can go on beating…” 

  -Jan Richardson, Blessing for the Brokenhearted

POEM- Sacred Absence

A Death, an Absence is Sacred

Endless Tears are Sacred

Mourning is Sacred

Questioning is Sacred

Saying Good-bye is Sacred

Deep longing is Sacred

Remembering is Sacred

Struggling for hope is Sacred

Small days are Sacred

Baby Steps are Sacred

To wait and wait is Sacred

Glimpses of light are Sacred

Unexpected laughter is Sacred

Moving forward slowly is Sacred

Finding a different self is Sacred

A different life, too, is Sacred

My Absent Presence is Sacred


© Cindy K Steffen  2023

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