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Sacred Absence

A Pilgrimage of Love, Loss & Grieving Well

“Perhaps for now it can be enough to simply marvel at the mystery of how a heart so broken can go on beating…” 

  -Jan Richardson, Blessing for the Brokenhearted




Every evening you laid at our feet on the paisley blanket

The king-sized one we bought for our waterbed 37 years ago

We watched you sleep, laughing at your little snores,

As you twitched, running mightily through a phantom field

The bed is long gone, the husband more recently

At your reunion he may sing you his silly song

But who will greet me every morning and at every return?

Who will “pre-rinse” the dishes now before I load them,

Or eat the fortune cookie I bring from the restaurant?

Who will be my doorbell, my sentinel, my sometime oracle?

On this, my day of sorrow, you are finally off duty forever

No more pain running thieving squirrels and cats up trees

No more guarding bird feeders and lawn borders

I loved you for that my beautiful and noble shepherd

Ten years ago, we fell in love and named you, Alcyone,

after a star, whose namesake is the Goddess of peace and tranquility,

That name did not fit you here on earth.

I know it fills you now.


© Cindy K Steffen  2023

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