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Sacred Absence

A Pilgrimage of Love, Loss & Grieving Well

“Perhaps for now it can be enough to simply marvel at the mystery of how a heart so broken can go on beating…” 

  -Jan Richardson, Blessing for the Brokenhearted

POEM: Re-Incarnation

Isaiah 53:3

Who would be audacious enough to say,

“Yes, me. I am Christ-like”?

I would.

A woman of sorrow, acquainted with grief.

Many times, close to mingled blood and sweat,

pleading on the bedroom floor - if there be a way,

take this from me and give me back my life.

I know the impossible chasm of separation now.

Asked a thousand times to equal his one:

“Why me, why now, why this forsakenness?”

Solitary, daily descending into hell,

and still, as I crawl my way back.

Perhaps not despised and rejected as he was.

But some, once close, hide their faces.

Yes, I am like the Christ,

weary, broken, heavy with longing,

Reincarnating into some new life with out you.

Waiting for the resurrection.

Cindy Steffen February 2018

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